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Feeling confused about Gender?

Discover the keys to understanding transgender identity with this groundbreaking course!

My step-by-step process, The Gender Transition Course: Your Ultimate Guide To Authenticity & Alignment, will help you identify your gender identity and build the skills to navigate gender transition in a way that honors your authenticity in all of your relationships.

Yes, I Want To Understand My Gender Identity or The Gender of Someone I Love

Everything You Need to Know About Gender Identity and Authenticity

The Gender Transition Course: Your Ultimate Guide To Authenticity + Alignment is now available! When you purchase, you will be able to access the full course! 

The course is PAY WHAT YOU CAN. There is a $197 minimum payment. If you need a lower price, please fill out this form for a scholarship. 

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Here's What You Will Learn!

Deepen Your Understanding of Gender

  • Deepen your understanding of gender identity and receive supportive tools for exploring your gender
  • Learn more about the personal, medical, and social aspects that are commonly involved with gender transition
  • Understand what it takes to live authentically with your gender identity
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Learn How To Live Authentically In All Your Relationships

  • Receive guidance on how to honor your authenticity in all situations and relationships
  • Walk away from this course with a tangible way of knowing what identities feel aligned and authentic 

  • Increase your self-confidence 

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Get Answers to The Most Common Questions about Transgender Identity

  • Be taught by an expert, public speaker, and licensed therapist
  • Benefit from the course instructors decade of experience and knowledge
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From Moe Ari:

"Do not dim your light to fit in. 

You are destined to shine brightly, authentically, and from a place of wholeness." 

-Moe Ari

Pay What You Can

$197 Minimum Payment

Regular Price: $497USD

This course is being offered on a sliding scale model to reach as many people as possible. I strongly believe in making these resources accessible. Pay what you are able to pay. I can offer this resource to as many people as possible. 

  • The course is available to you immediately after the purchase
Pay What You Can
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